Studio 906

Studio 906 is the art and design of me, Ty Vollebregt. I enjoy painting and drawing in the digital format to create various works of art. I have created art since I was young and I am inspired by the vivid color and retro coolness of my past.

I grew up in San Clemente, a beautiful, small beach town in Southern California. It was here that I became inspired by the cool vibes of our environment and influenced by the beautiful beach and the surf culture. As a 25-year beach lifeguard, my creativity flourished around the colorful scenery and characters that I am so lucky to be around. I often times shared their dreams of being artistic, whether it was through the art of surfing, in their playing of music or in traveling together.

Below you will find art that I have been working on recently. Please feel free to take a look and enjoy.

Postcard Art

Greetings From San Clemente

Postcard Artwork of San Clemente

Greetings from Dana Point

Postcard Artwork of Dana Point

Digital Art

Denny's Diner - San Clemente, CA

The familiar restaurant located off the freeway in San Clemente is a cool representation of the iconic diners that used to be found everywhere. It is a true survivor of mid-century design and Googie inspired architecture. The sign alone is something to behold with its original and unusually shaped design intact from a bygone era. Every time I see it, I know that I'm home and that the beach is near.

Pedro's Tacos - San Clemente, CA

The taco stand located in North San Clemente is a great example of 1950's architecture. It begs to be noticed with its bold color palette of teal and cream colors. The angular front sign is truly eye catching and makes the building very unique. No surfing session is complete without a Pedro's visit.

Norm's Restaurant - Huntington Beach, CA

Another great example of Googie inspired architecture. Norm's restaurant has a clean, diagonal red roofline and sharp angles to compliment fine examples of brightly, polished glass and steel surrounding the building. The combination colors of blue, red and orange really make it stand out. A friend pointed this one out to me.

Bonded Cleaners - San Clemente, CA

Beautiful mid-century designed building with glass windows making up most of the front. A real gem not be missed with an array bright colors surrounding its incredible low profile design structure.